Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Results of Our Engagement Party for Charity:Water

Hello friends! Mark here! Just wanted to say thanks for all of those who came out and celebrated our engagement with us! We were excited to have all those close to us come by in support!

Also, your donations instead of giving gifts will make an impact on the ground in Africa! You guys gave $245 to charity:water to dig clean water wells. Thanks for helping! Results are here:

If you want to see more directly how your money will impact lives in Africa, please consider coming to this fundraiser for charity:water this Saturday:

All the event details are in the link! Hope to see you there, and bring a friend or two! Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving Out

I am on my lunch at work so I primarily apologize if this post is slightly fragmented in word or thought. Much has happened since the last post! I will be moving out of my old apartment and moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment! Mark will be leaving his old room and joining me after we get married. Although the process was quite excruciating (involving co-signing on the lease, etc.), I am really excited to get an early start decorating our new soon-to-be home. So yes, next weekend I will be moving out of my old apartment that I was only in since last June. It just so happens that I will be moving in the day of the charity: water fundraiser at First Evan. Oh well...that's life now isn't it?

Mark will be moving some of his stuff over so we are both searching around for boxes to move all this stuff! I went looking behind some grocery stores, but the only good ones I found made my car smelly so I dumped them. I am just going to use the boxes from work after our order comes in. Thank you Starbucks! ;)

The snow day yesterday was so wonderful! We both thoroughly enjoyed not having school, but then again we ALWAYS enjoy not having school. We spent the day watching cheesy romantic comedies...something Mark rarely does because all he likes are the serious movies that are really good but make you want either to kill yourself after or contemplate the meaning of life until you get a headache. :) So he watched my kind of funnier movies yesterday and it made me happy. :)

Well my work break is unfortunately over. On to make more drinks and caffeinate America.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Near the End

I am finally beginning to feel the burden of wedding planning lifting off my shoulders. This week the caterer, location for the bridesmaids luncheon, and engagement pictures were all booked and planned. Mark and I chose yummy food (including mini Chicago style pizzas and stuffed mushrooms). All the major things are not out of the way!!! Contracts have been signed and the dates have been booked. Now we get enjoy our engagement, of which includes our engagement party, wedding showers, and engagement pictures.

At the end of the month we will be taking our engagement pictures! Saturday the 13th we are having our engagement party in honor of charity:water at my apartment. All friends and family are welcome to come! It is going to be a come and drop-by sort of party from 6-9. Instead of gifts we are taking monetary donations for charity:water. If you need directions just give me a call or text me. :)