Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday!

It's the weekend! I decided to start off the weekend by buying a bunch of flowers from a man that sells bouquets of flowers for only $10. Once I saw that they had sunflowers I knew I had to buy some.

I'll be going to the Farmer's Market and lunch with my mother in law, waking up too early to go for a run when I'd rather be sleeping, and taking a weekly trip to Fresh Market. We might be going to a restaurant in midtown that we've both never been to tonight. It's a French restaurant so I'm envisioning plenty of cheese and crostini at the table. Have a lovely weekend and stay cool!

House Inspirations

In Februray we will be moving out of our apartment complex and hopefully into a rental house. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to move out of this complex, but that's a story for a different day. I know that I probably will not be allowed to paint and do things with a rental house that I could do with our own house, but for now a rental house is something that we're just more comfortable with. I've been collecting some room inspirations for awhile (for a rental or for our own house one day), so I thought I'd share a few.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fall trends

Am I still fascinated with the fall trends for 2011? Why yes I am. Fall just happens to be my favorite season so it's no wonder that I'm craving boots, scarves, and tights in this 100 degree weather. I've been doing some research on the upcoming trends for fall and here's what I've come up with so far.

1 Crimson: this is a Carolina Herrera dress, and while the neckline is a bit exaggerated, I think the detailing with the black belt and black tights really makes the crimson color pop.

2. Luxury and Demand: Do you remember watching old movies and thinking of how glamorous the women always looked? When I think of old-school luxury, FAUX fur (please don't wear real fur or Peta will show up at your front door with a can of red paint), long fitted coats, and lots of carmel/beige colors. Yes here is another exaggerated fur neck embellishment, but you guys get the idea. :)

3. Brightly colored Pants: whether they are fitted, wide-legged, or high waisted, I would definitely pair them with a more neutral top to keep attention on the bright color of the pants.

4. Tuxedo/Men-inspired Dressing: I had to search awhile before I actually found this trend on models that looked half-way decent. I think I like the white blouse and black pencil skirt combo the most since it seems the most wearable, though I do love the picture on the right with the bright red shoes.

5. Mustard hues: this color is going to be everywhere soon. Every time I think of mustard yellow I automatically think of Colonel Mustard from the game Clue...not sure why. Whether the color is in skirts (see below) or tops, it's one of those colors that's hard to mess up. My favorite color combination is pairing it with a blue (light or dark) color, dark purple, or cream.
Puff-sleeve popover in end-on-end

6. Polka dots: I have to be honest and say that I am not a huge fan of polka dots. The pattern just screams juvenile to me, but then I saw this dress at Anthropologie and with the cinged waist and cut of this dress, I'm starting to come around to polka dots.

Collecting Dots Dress

7. High waisted trousers: while I'm not a fan of high waisted jeans (I personally find that they are only flattering on very tall and thin people), this shape of pant is pretty much flattering to most body types.

Rachel Zoe Trapunto Stitch High Waist Pants

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fall Fashion Picks

J. Crew Cotton Bell Skirt:

Cotton bell skirt

Free People Military Platoon Jacket
Free People Military Platoon Jacket

Steve Madden "Sinful" Pump
Steve Madden 'Sinful' Pump

J. Crew Beaded Sweater Cami
Beaded sweater cami

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marlene Wool Jacket
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marlene Wool Jacket

Splendid Very Light Open Cardi
Splendid Very Light Open Cardi

Lucky Brand Holiday Highlife Solid Scarf
Lucky Brand Holiday Highlife Solid Scarf

J. Crew Baseball Henley
Baseball henley

J. Crew Portia Pant in wool
Portia pant in wool

Fossil "Jesse" Leather Shoulder Bag
Fossil 'Jesse' Leather Shoulder Bag

Chinese Laundry Nirvana Boots (I may have already bought them)
Nirvana Boot by Chinese Laundry