Monday, April 25, 2011

Storms, storms, and more storms

When will all these storms end? My goodness, for April it has been a very stormy and tornadic month. Yikes. :/ The majority of our ACAT department all gathered in the printing room to watch the storm come across the river. Apparently there are supposed to be more storms poor herbs are going to be staying in our guest bathroom for a long time

 Poor things don't get much sunlight, but now all they see is the white porcelian tile of the bathroom. Speaking of our balcony though, I thought it was time to introduce my little bird mom/friend. She's warmed up enough to me not to fly away every time I get near her. I even managed to pet her little tail today.

I know it's dark, but she's there. :)

Stay safe tonight and happy Monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Excited for spring and summer

2 blogs in 1 day=slow day at work. I was reading some older blog posts and stumbled across my lists of fall things that I love. Now that it's warmer outside, I decided to make a list of all the good things about spring/summer. :)

1. Iced coffee. You will rarely see me drinking hot coffee if it is above 60 degrees outside. Dunkin Donuts has my favorite iced coffee, but since it gets a little pricey buying that every morning I make my own using Starbucks Iced Via which is actually really good. I live off these things during the week.

2. Jerry's Snow Cones. I just discovered that you can get your snow cones made with vanilla soft serve last year, I think they're called the Dream something. Anyways, they are amazing and the Wedding Cake flavor is my aboslutely favorite. I've heard that the blackberry one is really good too, so maybe I'll have to get it a try soon.

3. Fresher produce. The one thing I hate about winter is how nasty most of the produce is aside from the winter seasonal produce. I went to the grocery last night and the produce was cheaper than it usually is. Yay!

4. Shorts. I would much rather wear shorts than jeans any day of the week.

5. Water bottles. I know it's a weird one, but for some reason I always equate summer with carrying around a water bottle wherever I go b/c it gets so hot.

6. Higher MLGW bills. :(

7. Beach vacation!

8. Smoothies: Tropical Smoothie has to be my favorite, the Sunny Day, but Smoothie King is also pretty good. Starbucks smoothies? Gross...maybe b/c I made them too often back in the day. Take my advice, don't get them. Just trust me on this one.

9. Sitting on the patios of restaurants and cafes instead of sitting inside.

10. Lemonade and sweet tea.

11. Summer dresses.

12. Weddings.

That's all I have for now, feel free to comment with some of your favorites!

It's Friday!

Curse Rebecca Black for making that horrible "It's Friday" song that is constantly stuck in my head. If you don't know what I'm talking about, search for it on youtube and you'll understand. But, it is Friday!! This week has flown by SO quickly I can't believe it. Mark and I have been so ridiculously busy this week that we literally have only spent one night together. :( Sad I know, but tonight we plan on staying in, relaxing, and finally some time together.

Last night when I got home I went out on our balcony to water our plants and my little bird friend got scared and flew off, so naturally I have to check on her little egg and suprise! there's now 2 little eggs in the nest--so cute. :) I did worry about them last night with the storm (because I'm weird I know), but they're doing just fine. It felt so nice outside so I sat on the balcony for a little bit. We plan on renting a house when our lease expires in January, but I must say that I will miss seeing this:

I know it's dark and blurry,  but I really do love having a lake view and hearing the water splash from the water fountain. It almost sounds like the beach. Speaking of the beach, I'm literally counting down the days til we'll be in Destin. I know it's next month, but it still feels like forever away.

Soon I will be here, relaxing and enjoying doing absolutely nothing. :)

In other news, I know that cats love boxes and stuff, but the other day I set a Whole Foods paper bag flat on the table, and the next thing I know I turn around and:

How he did that, I have no clue.


Thursday, April 14, 2011



Do these cookies not look amazing? It's called Angeletti and I found the recipe at Real Simple:

I need these in my life very soon. Feel free to make me some. :)

Jam Thumbprints

I would also like some jelly thumbprints...with raspberry jam please.
Shortbread Wedges
Or some basic shortbread with either some Chai Tea or Earl Grey.

I'll be waiting. :)

It's probably a good thing that I'm heading over to Muddy's after work today to pick up some cupcakes. I'm helping Pamela put together her wedding invitations with Kacie too. I think I might need one of these:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post Monday

I know I know, I like to change our blog template a lot. I have commitment issues with it I think. The blue background was making me have anxiety for some reason, but whatevs I changed it again. I need someone to explain something to me.

You know when you'll be driving on the interstate and all of the sudden traffic gets bad? You're driving along, bumper to bumper, anxiously awaiting the reason for this delay right? So why is it that there is (a) no reason for the traffic and it randomly clears up, or (b) two big trucks on the side of the road with those little emergency highway patrol truck things doing absolutely nothing but sitting there. Now, is it because people are really nosy and HAVE to slow down to see what's going? It's a mystery. Needless to say, my morning drive to work looked a lot like this:

I'm done with whining about that....for now at least. :) Weekend recap for you guys! Friday night Mark was closing at work so I stayed home and did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful. I didn't even have the energy to go pick up dinner or make dinner, so leftover veggies it was. Saturday I went for a quick run/walk around the lake, and for some odd reason it was really difficult. My hands swelled up (the heat maybe) and I got really exhausted quickly, so I ended up just taking a nice walk. Now my shins have been hurting for the past 2 days. I've had a bad history with shin splints and stress fractures, but I mean...I was embarassed that my shins hurt considered at how far I didn't run. :/ Oh well, it happens I suppose. I then cleaned the apartment a little bit, went shopping and found an amazing bathing suit at Old Navy, and came home for another leftover veggies lunch. Mark came home and I decided that we needed to organize our closet which included a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I bought really fun organizing stuff (sadly no sarcasm intended..I LOVE organizing). Dinner that night was a delicious takeout from Chang's Bubble Tea Cafe on Macon accompanied by a movie. :) Sunday we both went to church, OBS director's meeting, and an event at First Evan. That's all. :)

Clove was dying to have his picture taken so of course we had to make him happy:
Such a ham.

Last night I made baked ziti with sauted onions, garlic, mushrooms, and zucchini with the best homeade tomato sauce I've ever made if I do say so myself. :)

Oh ya! I noticed that every time I went to water the plants, a bird kept flying out of my flower bed. I then saw this:
So now we have a little bird friend on our balcony. :) Believe me, the cats LOVE it. I left a cracker outside for the mommy bird, but she hasn't eaten it yet. Rude.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tornado Sirens are blaring :/

 I found this picture of heart tornadoes...kinda cute huh? :)

I looked outside a few minutes ago and it looked cloudy, then I look outside again and all of the sudden it's completely dark. I can't remember the last time it stormed this hard in Memphis...maybe months ago? This is ideal nap weather for me so if anybody would like to come take my place at work so I can go home and nap, I'd appreciate it. :) Here's a weekend re-cap: Friday night we went with a friend to Cafe Ole in Cooper  Young and it pretty delicious, nothing amazingly special or anything, but a really cute atmosphere and patio. Saturday I finally got some blonde put back in my hair (you always go back to blonde no matter what), had a nice lunch with some old friends Pamela and Kacie, and had some friends over that night at our apartment to grill out. Sunday morning was church at First Evan and then some relaxation time with the husband (including a little friend we like to call Papa Johns and the Food Network Channel).

Yes, we are Food Network junkies--we admit it. We love Iron Chef and Chopped...oh and Giada's show! Love. :)

When I was eating lunch with the girls, Pamela told me that she missed when I used to make my chicken salad during the summer. Although I no longer eat chicken or anything,  I decided to make some for Mark. Little did I know that he LOVES chicken salad. Who knew?? The little things you find out about your spouse the longer you're married, I love it. :) Needless to say, I made some sans the chicken for me, but thankfully Mark was a big fan of my recipe (because I kinda made like a LOT). It's super easy and I don't measure anything, but here's a list of what I put in mine: finely chopped celery, halved red grapes, chopped toasted pecans, chopped fresh pineapple, salt and pepper, chicken chunks, and either lite mayo or the olive oil mayo. It's really nice and refreshing. :)