Monday, April 4, 2011

Tornado Sirens are blaring :/

 I found this picture of heart tornadoes...kinda cute huh? :)

I looked outside a few minutes ago and it looked cloudy, then I look outside again and all of the sudden it's completely dark. I can't remember the last time it stormed this hard in Memphis...maybe months ago? This is ideal nap weather for me so if anybody would like to come take my place at work so I can go home and nap, I'd appreciate it. :) Here's a weekend re-cap: Friday night we went with a friend to Cafe Ole in Cooper  Young and it pretty delicious, nothing amazingly special or anything, but a really cute atmosphere and patio. Saturday I finally got some blonde put back in my hair (you always go back to blonde no matter what), had a nice lunch with some old friends Pamela and Kacie, and had some friends over that night at our apartment to grill out. Sunday morning was church at First Evan and then some relaxation time with the husband (including a little friend we like to call Papa Johns and the Food Network Channel).

Yes, we are Food Network junkies--we admit it. We love Iron Chef and Chopped...oh and Giada's show! Love. :)

When I was eating lunch with the girls, Pamela told me that she missed when I used to make my chicken salad during the summer. Although I no longer eat chicken or anything,  I decided to make some for Mark. Little did I know that he LOVES chicken salad. Who knew?? The little things you find out about your spouse the longer you're married, I love it. :) Needless to say, I made some sans the chicken for me, but thankfully Mark was a big fan of my recipe (because I kinda made like a LOT). It's super easy and I don't measure anything, but here's a list of what I put in mine: finely chopped celery, halved red grapes, chopped toasted pecans, chopped fresh pineapple, salt and pepper, chicken chunks, and either lite mayo or the olive oil mayo. It's really nice and refreshing. :)

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