Monday, April 25, 2011

Storms, storms, and more storms

When will all these storms end? My goodness, for April it has been a very stormy and tornadic month. Yikes. :/ The majority of our ACAT department all gathered in the printing room to watch the storm come across the river. Apparently there are supposed to be more storms poor herbs are going to be staying in our guest bathroom for a long time

 Poor things don't get much sunlight, but now all they see is the white porcelian tile of the bathroom. Speaking of our balcony though, I thought it was time to introduce my little bird mom/friend. She's warmed up enough to me not to fly away every time I get near her. I even managed to pet her little tail today.

I know it's dark, but she's there. :)

Stay safe tonight and happy Monday!

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  1. so i think it's time to remove the "just" from "we just got married" and also to give yourself a happy anniversary blog post =) just sayin'.