Friday, April 15, 2011

Excited for spring and summer

2 blogs in 1 day=slow day at work. I was reading some older blog posts and stumbled across my lists of fall things that I love. Now that it's warmer outside, I decided to make a list of all the good things about spring/summer. :)

1. Iced coffee. You will rarely see me drinking hot coffee if it is above 60 degrees outside. Dunkin Donuts has my favorite iced coffee, but since it gets a little pricey buying that every morning I make my own using Starbucks Iced Via which is actually really good. I live off these things during the week.

2. Jerry's Snow Cones. I just discovered that you can get your snow cones made with vanilla soft serve last year, I think they're called the Dream something. Anyways, they are amazing and the Wedding Cake flavor is my aboslutely favorite. I've heard that the blackberry one is really good too, so maybe I'll have to get it a try soon.

3. Fresher produce. The one thing I hate about winter is how nasty most of the produce is aside from the winter seasonal produce. I went to the grocery last night and the produce was cheaper than it usually is. Yay!

4. Shorts. I would much rather wear shorts than jeans any day of the week.

5. Water bottles. I know it's a weird one, but for some reason I always equate summer with carrying around a water bottle wherever I go b/c it gets so hot.

6. Higher MLGW bills. :(

7. Beach vacation!

8. Smoothies: Tropical Smoothie has to be my favorite, the Sunny Day, but Smoothie King is also pretty good. Starbucks smoothies? Gross...maybe b/c I made them too often back in the day. Take my advice, don't get them. Just trust me on this one.

9. Sitting on the patios of restaurants and cafes instead of sitting inside.

10. Lemonade and sweet tea.

11. Summer dresses.

12. Weddings.

That's all I have for now, feel free to comment with some of your favorites!

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