Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post Monday

I know I know, I like to change our blog template a lot. I have commitment issues with it I think. The blue background was making me have anxiety for some reason, but whatevs I changed it again. I need someone to explain something to me.

You know when you'll be driving on the interstate and all of the sudden traffic gets bad? You're driving along, bumper to bumper, anxiously awaiting the reason for this delay right? So why is it that there is (a) no reason for the traffic and it randomly clears up, or (b) two big trucks on the side of the road with those little emergency highway patrol truck things doing absolutely nothing but sitting there. Now, is it because people are really nosy and HAVE to slow down to see what's going? It's a mystery. Needless to say, my morning drive to work looked a lot like this:

I'm done with whining about that....for now at least. :) Weekend recap for you guys! Friday night Mark was closing at work so I stayed home and did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful. I didn't even have the energy to go pick up dinner or make dinner, so leftover veggies it was. Saturday I went for a quick run/walk around the lake, and for some odd reason it was really difficult. My hands swelled up (the heat maybe) and I got really exhausted quickly, so I ended up just taking a nice walk. Now my shins have been hurting for the past 2 days. I've had a bad history with shin splints and stress fractures, but I mean...I was embarassed that my shins hurt considered at how far I didn't run. :/ Oh well, it happens I suppose. I then cleaned the apartment a little bit, went shopping and found an amazing bathing suit at Old Navy, and came home for another leftover veggies lunch. Mark came home and I decided that we needed to organize our closet which included a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I bought really fun organizing stuff (sadly no sarcasm intended..I LOVE organizing). Dinner that night was a delicious takeout from Chang's Bubble Tea Cafe on Macon accompanied by a movie. :) Sunday we both went to church, OBS director's meeting, and an event at First Evan. That's all. :)

Clove was dying to have his picture taken so of course we had to make him happy:
Such a ham.

Last night I made baked ziti with sauted onions, garlic, mushrooms, and zucchini with the best homeade tomato sauce I've ever made if I do say so myself. :)

Oh ya! I noticed that every time I went to water the plants, a bird kept flying out of my flower bed. I then saw this:
So now we have a little bird friend on our balcony. :) Believe me, the cats LOVE it. I left a cracker outside for the mommy bird, but she hasn't eaten it yet. Rude.

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