Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The good and bad of Monday

Since this post concerns a Monday I'll keep it simple.

I decided mid-drive home to switch my run to tomorrow and relax with yoga instead.

Clove has perfected this yoga position.

The husband is feeling a bit under the weather so potato soup and Emergen-C were in order.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's already Monday?

Yesterday I remember laughing when I thought about how nice and lovely our weekend sounded on my last blog post because it was anything but that.

To be fair, Friday night I had a wonderful time catching up with an old friend and on Saturday morning my 9 mile run went splendidly. Everything after that moment became a blur of errands. I remember coming home Saturday night really tired and I can't even tell you what we had for dinner. I think we made a pizza.

Sunday morning rolled in and with every intention of going to the late service, we opened the windows to see the thing we've been dreading for months  weeks--our flower bed. Ok let's just the be honest--it was our whole yard.

Even though the temperatures were amazing this weekend, we knew that it would be best to knock out the hours of yard work early thus we had to forego the service that morning. 4 hours later we have this:

Now you might think that it looks normal, but you just don't know how bad it was before it looked like this. The breaking point was when I could no longer tell the difference between what plants were which and what was a weed. Bad.

Needless to say, that afternoon we were exhausted. The house hadn't even been cleaned and laundry was still waiting to be washed in the hamper.

The house got clean, the laundry finally got done, and the grocery store was never visited.

Two highlights of the weekend were a much deservd ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins and new lantern lights in our favorite back yard tree.

Weekend-1, Mark and Olivia-0.

Friday, August 17, 2012



Thank goodness it's Friday! The only thing that can make Fridays more unappealing at work is having the thermometer set at 60 degrees.

My weekend plans are simple and sweet. A long-time friend of my is coming over to see my house finally. I anticipate multiple cups of coffee and lots of catching up that will be done tonight. Tomorrow I'll be waking up way too early to run my 9 miles at Shelby Farms.

The only other thing on my agenda involves enjoying this amazing cooler weather that we've been having recently. How often do we have lows in the 60s during August?

A few weekend additions could/might include the following: starting a new book, enjoying brunch in bed tomorrow morning, an afternoon nap,  and baking pumpkin bread.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday to all! One more day of work left and the weekend will be here. Hopefully my preview of It's ok Thursday" yesterday was a success because now it's time for the real deal. Without further adieu....

-It's ok that I've been counting down the minutes until I'm off work.

-It's ok that I find myself constantly singing about the random things I'm doing. For example, if I'm dusting I will somehow make up a ridiculous song about it. Mark loves this let me tell you.

-It's ok that I am fully aware that I laugh at my jokes WAY more than anyone else does.

-It's ok that when Mark and I were at a wedding last weekend, the buffet line was too long so we left and went to Chikfila right before it closed. To give us credit, it was 9:45pm and we had not eaten dinner and I had ran 8 miles that morning. We needed food.

-It's ok that my husband is a much better writer than myself. I accept this and move on. :)

-It's ok that I talk for the cats. Yes you read correctly--for the cats. Don't get me wrong, I talk to them as well, but there are definitely conversations that happen. It's a problem but I can't stop.

-It's ok that the only plans I have this weekend are reuniting with my friend Mary Rachel tomorrow night and running on Saturday morning. Busy weekends stress me out.

-It's ok that I am overly excited about all things including: fall, pumpkin, apples, cider, hot chocolate, fall decorations, blankets, boots, and fires.

-It's ok that I haven't gotten my hair cut in so long that I can't even remember when the last time was. I should probably make an appointment soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woohoo! 2nd post in a row

Day 2.

How long does it take for something to become a habit? I think it might be 2 weeks. Maybe if I continue writing a daily blog post for 2 weeks I will form a habit. Minus the weekends...and holidays...and busy days at work. I think that this might be doable. Maybe. :)

There's this trend I've noticed around a few blogs that I read called "It's ok Thursday" where you basically try to justify ridiculous/odd behavior--except that it's more of a confession than a justification.

I realize that was the worst explanation I could have written. Apologies.

Instead I think I'll just write a few "It's ok Thursdays...except it's Wednesday." We'll just say it's practice for the real deal. Stay tuned for tomorrow. It's going to be a good time.

---It's ok that up until this point in my life I've never cooked with ground turkey. We made spaghetti last night and used ground turkey in the sauce. Amazing!

--It's ok that I used to be a vegetarian and feel no shame in the previous statement.

--It's ok that I have eaten cookies after dinner every night this week. They are PUMPKIN chocolate chip cookies so that makes it healthy right?

--It's ok that I've been procrastinating fixing our bathroom toilet seat that is unhinged in one corner.

--It's ok that part of the reason I've been putting off fixing that toilet seat is that I enjoy watching my cats run and jump on the toilet seat forgetting that it's broken. I really need to video tape it.

--It's ok that I make Mark watch the ridiculous tv shows that I watch. He says he only watches them to spend time with me...but I think we all know the truth about that. :) Either way he is a good sport.

--It's ok that I'm taking Mark out for a date tonight instead of him taking me out. Every now and then it's nice to switch things up. :)

--It's ok that the majority of pictures on my Iphone are cats and food. My priorities are clearly in check.

--It's ok that I have been craving chocolate and caramel all day long. Something needs to happen about this.

I really enjoy reading other "It's ok Thursdays" so I hope that you guys do as well and even join in the fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am going to admit something that will not come to a surprise to any of the poor followers still visiting this ghost town of a blog. I would much rather read someone else's blog than write my own. I really do enjoy reading about other people, but when it comes to myself it's different. It's not that I feel like we are boring and not worthing reading about--it's that I am simply too lazy to type out a blog post. The other factor that is greatly against this blog is that Mark and I are terrible about taking pictures. I kid you not, we probably only have about 5 pictures of us together since our wedding. I just hate being the person to ask for their picture to be taken. I am not bothered at all when someone else asks me to take their picture, but for some reason I feel annoying asking. I'm getting a little better about taking pictures of other things though--just not of me and Mark. Baby steps.

It's August and we are only a few weeks away from cooler mornings and darker evenings. This means that school is approaching for Mark and half marathon(s) training started a few weeks ago. This time around I increased the intensity of my training from last year's plan. The upside to this is that I ran 8 miles this past Saturday and felt great. The downside, however, is that my weekly mileage is higher (not including cross training) and I am simply exhausted. Even as I write this I'm really craving some coffee.

Our trip to DC was fantastic--we sucessfully sweated through every article of clothing that was brought. :) It was a great trip though. The highlight was probably going to the Holocaust Museum which you can read a wonderfully written recap from my husband on obsilence.org

A delicious restaurant in DC

                    He fell asleep mid-stretch on the rug and didn't move for a good 15 min.

 Discovered how to freeze fresh herbs. Chop up, put in ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze.

 Chilled Swiss Oatmeal from this cafe/bakery chain in DC. Seriously...chilled oatmeal is probably the best thing I've ever tried.

                                     A picture from Shelby Farms after I finished my run.

A street in DC that was lined with food trucks during lunch hour. If it wasn't so hot we would've gotten lunch from one of them.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Monday mornings are tough enough as is, but when you throw in some night time allergy medicine taken the night before, they are downright brutal. There isn't enough coffee in the world that can wake you up from sinus medicine.

I'm happy to report that Mark has returned safely from his trip! The house was terribly quiet while he was gone aside from me talking to the cats (don't judge me please). I'm also happy to say that I only cooked twice the whole 2 weeks he was gone, but I am definitely happy to be cooking again. One person can only eat so many frozen meals you know?

We have finally planned a mini vacation for the summer! We will be going to visit Washington DC in August!! The flights and hotel have been booked and we cannot wait. I'm ready to explore the city and what it has to offer, especially all those free museums and all.

Here's an Iphone picture recap since my last blog post.

               The lovely flat tire that happened when driving to get coffee on a Friday morning. To the lady who was swerving in the middle lane on Poplar Ave, I hope you're happy.

  Strawberry lemonade muffins made from a recipe found in Southern Living. Delicious.

Mark and I prepped yesterday for our lunches this week. We cooked up a bunch of veggies and some quinoa. I decided to cut up the fruit in our fridge and put it in snack sized bags which makes me more likely to eat it than if it was whole. It makes no sense, but if it's in a bag I'll more likely eat it. Plus it saves a lot of time. I just don't recommend doing this with fruit that browns very easily (bananas, apples, etc.), though you could just toss in some lemon juice to stop the browning.