Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am going to admit something that will not come to a surprise to any of the poor followers still visiting this ghost town of a blog. I would much rather read someone else's blog than write my own. I really do enjoy reading about other people, but when it comes to myself it's different. It's not that I feel like we are boring and not worthing reading about--it's that I am simply too lazy to type out a blog post. The other factor that is greatly against this blog is that Mark and I are terrible about taking pictures. I kid you not, we probably only have about 5 pictures of us together since our wedding. I just hate being the person to ask for their picture to be taken. I am not bothered at all when someone else asks me to take their picture, but for some reason I feel annoying asking. I'm getting a little better about taking pictures of other things though--just not of me and Mark. Baby steps.

It's August and we are only a few weeks away from cooler mornings and darker evenings. This means that school is approaching for Mark and half marathon(s) training started a few weeks ago. This time around I increased the intensity of my training from last year's plan. The upside to this is that I ran 8 miles this past Saturday and felt great. The downside, however, is that my weekly mileage is higher (not including cross training) and I am simply exhausted. Even as I write this I'm really craving some coffee.

Our trip to DC was fantastic--we sucessfully sweated through every article of clothing that was brought. :) It was a great trip though. The highlight was probably going to the Holocaust Museum which you can read a wonderfully written recap from my husband on obsilence.org

A delicious restaurant in DC

                    He fell asleep mid-stretch on the rug and didn't move for a good 15 min.

 Discovered how to freeze fresh herbs. Chop up, put in ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze.

 Chilled Swiss Oatmeal from this cafe/bakery chain in DC. Seriously...chilled oatmeal is probably the best thing I've ever tried.

                                     A picture from Shelby Farms after I finished my run.

A street in DC that was lined with food trucks during lunch hour. If it wasn't so hot we would've gotten lunch from one of them.


  1. I'm the same way on the pictures. I'm running my first half marathon in Sept-- I too am exhausted...and eating everything in sight.:( -Annie Gray Hendry.

  2. i read mark's post. really challenging.