Monday, May 21, 2012


I clearly haven't updated my blog in awhile because when I tried logging in to Blogger everything is different. So much has happened to the blogging world since April apparently and I happened to miss that memo. Regardless (off topic, but why is there a word "regardless" and "irregardless"? Do they both not mean the same thing?) here I am and May has been busy as always.

Mark leaves for his trip this Saturday and my nerves and anxiety are increasing with each day. I think I've been in denial up to this point, but now that it's here I have to face the reality that I'll be without a husband for 2 weeks and that it's not the safest trip in the world. I know that things will go smoothly and there is protection there for the team there, but that still doesn't stop the anxiety. That will only go away when he returns. We would, of course, appreciate your prayers while he and his team are away. :) As of Saturday though, I will begin my crazy cat lady training living in a house alone and outnumbered by cats. ha

We are still doing some work on our yard and I already have a rather long list of things I want to do around the house while Mark is away. I told him to go ahead and expect the whole house to be differnet when he comes back.

In other news, I decided to run the Greenline Half Marathon in October...and then decided to sign up for the St. Jude as well since it was about to fill up. So yes--two half marathons within a few weeks of each other. Suicidal? Absolutely. Go big or go home. :)

Since it is the end of the work day, I have little to say other than I'd like to go home and sleep for hours. Instead I'll just post a few pictures of our lives according to my Iphone.

double date bowling

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            Light vanilla ice cream, low sugar granola, and berries. New fav. summer dessert

Little Clove

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  1. pleeeease do not say irregardless. there is no such real word, although people use it. to say irregardless negates the meaning of regardless.

    i understand your anxiety about mark. i felt the same way when my hubs went to ukraine for 10 days and we had no way to communicate for 4 of those days. very rural. we are here for you! we won't let you become a crazy cat lady.