Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Bands and 1 Month

Hello all! Today marks an official month that Mark and I have been engaged. :) Yesterday we were both talking and were amazed at how smoothly and stress-free things have been thus far. We're also really glad that the majority of our wedding is planned already. Apart from a few things, such as booking the honeymoon and finding a good caterer (Jims Place East, you have my permission to read this and volunteer your services for free anytime you would like :)), we are pretty much through.

We went to get our wedding bands yesterday afternoon. I am not sure which was better, picking out our wedding bands together or having my engagement ring cleaned! It looks so much more sparkly now! I feel bad because it gets dirty so easily while I'm at work. :(

School has already begun and it is going to be a hard semester for both of us. Mark is taking 9 hours while still managing his store, and I am in my final semester before I graduate and just want it all done and over with. We would appreciate any prayers of endurance and simply energy to work, do school, and finish wedding planning. :)

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