Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleepy Mondays

I cannot seem to wake up today. :/ I went to bed late last night and now I'm paying the consequences...constant yawning and drooping eyes. I even got one of these before work:

I'm becoming addicted to their iced coffee, it's amazing. It's not too sweet, too creamy, or too strong. Excellent. It perked me up during the two traffic jams I had to drive through in order to get to work, but it's 12:00 and I'm still sleepy. Since it's lunch time, I'll share what I had for lunch today.

Progresso Lentil Bean soup! Yes I know it's high in sodium, but sometimes I just don't want to make a lunch and it's nice to have something a little easier (I mean, you open a can, pour it in a bowl, and heat it much easier can you get?). I can barely make it through half a can of this soup because it's so filling, but it's so good! Now I just need to make sure that I don't eat really salty food for the rest of the day since I'm sure I got more than my daily intake of sodium in that half a can, oh well. :)

Has anybody else gotten their spring clothes out of storage yet? I've been wearing the same light weight stuff I have in my closet trying to avoid pulling out that big of bin of spring and summer clothes, but from looking at the radar it seems like I might have to suck it up and bring it out.

Mark and I have been using our pasta maker that we got for one of our wedding presents and it is so much fun! We've been making ravioli with different fillings and such, but we're still trying to master getting the right thin/thick ratio of the pasta. We made a whole wheat spinach and mushroom the other night and it just tastes so much fresher and better than store bought pasta. We say that we'll never buy pasta again, but I have a feeling that we'll have lazy days and probably buy it. :)

Atlas Original Marcato Italian Stainless-Steel Pasta Machine

Sorry this was such a random post, but my mind is all hazy. I need a work nap. :/

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