Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

Why oh why do I keep putting off going to the grocery store?? Every morning looks the same...I open the pantry, thinking to myself that I really need to start packing my lunches the night before. I see nothing that I can take to work. :/ Well, I'll just eat breakfast first and then pack a lunch. I open the refrigerator and pick up the milk to find that it's almost empty. UGH. I have got to go to the grocery store, it's killing me.

Well we had to turn off the air conditioning yesterday since God decided that it maybe should feel like winter here for once. Yes, we had the air conditioning on because the apartment was 70 degrees and that is far too hot for Mark and I--we even sleep with a fan on right now with the 20 degree weather at night, it's just how we roll. This is also probably why little Clove felt the need to do this:

Today is officially Groundhog day and I believe Phil the Groundhog's (why is his name Phil by the way) shadow did not show, which means spring is coming sooner? I think that's how it goes. Regardless, happy Groundhog Day everyone! Go watch Groundhog Day and be thankful that you don't live the same day over and over again.

My aunt Melinda informed me that I don't update our blog enough so Melinda this post is dedicated to you. :)

If anyone reading this out there has any recommendations for good herbs to grow, and by good I mean herbs that are easy to grow and I won't kill, please comment below. Last year I grew basil and oregano. The basil did great and the rosemary was later purchased at Easy Way if you know what I mean. :)

Also, has anyone been to this Mediterranean place called Casablanca on Poplar by Smooth Moves? Mark and I keep wanting to try it so we looked up the menu and it looks pretty delicious. Any reviews?


  1. Thank Aunt Melinda for getting you to update more often.

  2. it is great! and the owner is very nice!