Monday, January 24, 2011

The "R" Word

It's time for me to confess a guilty pleasure book that I purchased this weekend. I unashamedly love Guilana Rancic, the E News Host, and her husband Bill who won The Apprentice a few years ago. Did  I watch their wedding special on E News, you bet. Do I watch their show Guilanna and Bill on the Style Network, um...duh. I'm not sure why I like them so much to be honest. I think it might be that they seem more grounded and normal than most people living in the Hollywood limelight (that's the right word right, limelight? if not, you know what I mean). They just seem to be so in love with one another it's really cute to watch. When I found out that they co-wrote a book called I Do, Now What?,  I told myself that it would be really dumb to spend money on it. Then yesterday rolls around and I'm right by Borders...yep, I did it. I spent $25 dollars that shouldn't been spent on the book, hence the term guilty pleasure.

I in no way bought this book to try and get some new and wonderful marriage advice because if I was, I would look for a more Christ-centered book. This book was just for a fun read and to see what their marriage looks like. It is definitely a fun read but I didn't hear anything I've never heard before. The one thing I liked is that they both strongly emphasized was not getting stuck in a RUT, the "r" word. The longer a couple is married the more the companionship and comfort grows, hence the reason it is so incredibly easy for couples to get stuck in a rut without even knowing it.

You could find so many different definitions and types of ruts of course. I'm generally speaking about going to the same restaurants, eating the usual items, watching the same television shows at the same time, running the same paths, making the same get the point. While I definitely do not think it is wrong to do any of these things, after awhile (whether you realize it or not), your daily routine turns very  blah and you can subconsciously become discontent. In the book they mention a friend who had recently gone to Mexico and was telling them how exciting and fun the trip was. When the friend asked them what they had been up to, they almost felt embarassed to tell them the same list of things they had done that day that they do every other day. Their point was that if you don't feel good thinking or telling someone about hanging out at home when they ask what you're doing tonight, it's probably because you are tired of being stuck in the routine.

Ways to get out of the rut and can be as big as taking a spontanous vacation or little weekend getaway (if your bank account allows of course), or as small as going to a new restaurant, running on a different path, cooking together something new for dinner, taking your spouse on a surprise date, etc. Reading this in their book makes me want to try and encorporate some more little changes into our daily routine, which unfortunately doesn't mean that we can go take a trip back to New York though (stupid airplane and hotel expenses). :)

I hope this was an interesting little tid bit that anyone out there reading this might take away and personalize. Maybe make something for dinner that you have never tried before? Maybe go for a walk after dinner instead of immediately watching your favorite tv show together. It's the little changes that count. :)

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  1. I have to be honest: I have never heard of these people you are talking about. But that's good advice about the rut =) Sometimes it shows unity and deep roots to have those routines in place. But sometimes the routines can be crutches that keep you from growing deeper. Good to mix it up a bit and keep things alive!