Monday, January 3, 2011

Healthier Lifestyle

I wanted to start this off by saying that I am not a big fan of New Years resolutios at all. I actually stared this new approach to eating before the New Years b/c (for me at least) I feel like I will be more consistent with it if I don't start it on New Years. Weird I know.

From time to time I like to read different people's diets and how they work. Normally I might take a few things here and there from a few diets that I think are applicable to real life, but I never follow one specifically because I think that is a sad and restricting way to live life. I did come across a book written from some reality house wife (who I honestly know nothing about) named Bethenny Frankel. Her book is basically about eating balanced meals, slowing down when you eat so you don't eat as much, and eating foods in their natural state. Although there are some things I don't agree with in her book, I do love her approach to thinking of your diet as a bank account.

After reading this book, I began thinking about how balanced Mark and I's meals really were...and it turns out that they were not at all. They were mostly carbs. haha A few days ago I decided to try eating a more balanced diet (like diary and protein in the morning instead of just carbs) and also tried incorporating more natural foods (veggies, fruit, humus, etc.) and I have to say that Mark and I have felt so much better. I also started taking my multi vitamin again (oops), B-12, fish oil, and vitamin B. Now I in no way view this as any sort of diet. Mark and I don't think it's healthy to restrict yourself too much because it just makes us, well ME mostly, really miserable. We're trying to throw out as much processed food as possible and really trying to re-evaulate the way that we approach food.

With being a vegetarian and I am ashamedly very aware that I do not get enough protein. I have been researching other ways to get it and have been eating more yogurt, milk, eggs, beans, and humus. It's just amazing how after changing your diet for a few days can make you feel so much more energized and lighter. Will we eat pizza ever again? oh yes. :) And I will still enjoy a cupcake or cookie every now and then, but I must say that after eating food that's more healthy it makes me second guess if I want to put sugar in my body AS MUCH as I was (b/c I still will :)). Anyways, that is my rant. My next agenda is to tackle tofu--it really freaks me out. I did have tofu sausage last night and it just had that meaty consistency which I hate. If anyone has any other healthy tips or ideas comment below!


  1. Check for combinations that make a more complete protein, like brown rice with beans or peas. A good and inexpensive source of protein, esp. if you start with dry beans/peas. Also look at natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and raw sugar rather than refined sugar. Dark chocolate, in moderation, is good for you. Yogurt with real sugar rather than artificial sweeteners is better for you than the artificial stuff.
    Starting to eat healthy at your age will pay off as you age. Stay with it!

  2. When my husband I met he was a vegan and well...I was a relatively healthy eater. We got away from eating healthy and both gained quite a bit of weight. So, this new year we decided to change back to our healthy habits. I am loving learning how to cook vegan recipes again. I decided to make it more interesting (one thing I had trouble with prior with being a vegetarian or vegan). Last weekend I made homemade seitan/wheat gluten meat. Delicious! I love this recipe:

    The Post Punk Kitchen rocks all the way around.'s a mean beast. I've yet to conquer it. Good luck!

  3. Try this tofu recipes!