Friday, January 21, 2011


Mark and I are officially addicted to the show House. I purchased some of the older seasons years ago before we even met and one night we started watching them and got hooked. The internet the we were "borrowing" from our upstairs neighbor was gone because they moved out (the nerve...). Here's the bad part though: I'm sure there are people out there who can relate to the feeling of getting hooked on a television show and have it suddenly snatched away from them. :( Needless to say, we decided to be proper citizens and pay for the internet. I hope your happy A T &T. Enjoy our money. Now we have House back and can enjoy our down time together. It's dumb I know, but for some reason there are just those certain shows that hook you in with their characters and storylines. Is there anyone else out there like us or are we just weird? I mean, Pamela and I went through a Friends phase and I can still proudly quote many episodes...."could I be wearing any more clothes? maybe I should do some lunges." haha

I decided to try something that I, in my little culinary world, have never tried. Something so difficult that many people have most likely never tried black eyed peas. Ok ok, most people have done this plenty of times and it's not difficult by any means, but I had never cooked them before. The whole process of "soaking the beans in cold water" is still ridiculous and weird to me. I might've accidentally let them soak for two days, but don't tell anyone :). Anyways I had soaked them and wanted to do something special with them because plain ol black eyed peas are boring. (By the way, does anyone else remember the restaurant called "Black Eyed Peas" that used to be on Stage Rd. and Kirby Whitten?) I looked online and picked out a recipe for black eyed pea croquettes, which is basically like a black eyed pea patty. It looked interesting enough and pretty simple so I gave it a try. They turned out pretty good, but needed a little more seasoning in my opinion. We put some Enchilada sauce on top and it made them really tasty.

I've been thinking lately about things that people like to put off doing. I sadly admit that I can be a huge procrastinator. In school I did papers and studied the night before, but it worked for me. If I ever did things in advance it would for some reason turn out really badly. Here's a list of things  I like to put off currently:

1. laundry
2. returning texts, emails, phone calls (it's more that I forget than put off)
3. dishes
4. organizing  the closet
5. cleaning out the refrigerator
6. eat less sweets
7. working out
8. reading more
9. finding new recipes
10. sitting still when I'm at home

Please share your lists of things you procrastinate with too. :)

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  1. awww i miss olivia. you're fun. and amen to procrastinating. story of my life!