Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

I thought it would be nice to list a few things that I feel blessed for that happened in the past year. I'm not a big fan of making resolutions because I feel like it just sets you up for failure. How many people go to the gym in January, but then slowly stop going throughout the year? My theory is that it's best to start lifestyle changes whenever you recognize them as something that needs to happen immediately, not just at the beginning of a new year. So here is a list of a few things I thank God for in the year 2010:

1. Marrying my wonderful husband and best friend. Although our dating/engagement period was relatively short, I feel like I have known Mark my whole life. I can't imagine not having him in my life every day when I wake up and go to bed. God really blessed me by giving me a man who is passionate and loving. Being best friends with my husband is always something I wanted growing up, but I never thought it was very realistic. Having someone to sit on the couch with and talk and about whatever and be able to agree and disagree (usually agree though :)) in love is one of the most precious gifts I've been given.

2. Mark and I being employeed. I know that the employment rate has increased by 30% this past year, but it is still so incredibly difficult to find a good and stable job. Although Mark may not LOVE working for Starbucks, it is a job that provides him with what he needs right now. Although I would have NEVER seen myself working in finance, having a stable job that is not stressful and that doesn't involve me waking up at 4 am has been such a blessing.

3. The addition of Mark's family. It has been such a joy to inherit Mark's family. It is obvious that all families are extremely different, but that makes it so much better. I am so blessed to have been accepted and loved by his family which is something I don't take for granted.

4. The kitties. Yes I know, they are like our children. :/ I am, however, thankful that I was given the opportunity to at least help a few stray animals this past year. They could've been dead in the bushes or by atree in the forest area by our apartment, but God decided to put them right where I could see them so they could be helped. Now our apartment is crazy, but at least there is lots of love and excitement.

5. Being done with school. I am so blessed to realize now why I had the urge to finish school so quickly when I was there. I never knew why I wanted to finish quickly--I just knew I did. Now looking back, there is no way I could be in school, be a wife, have Mark in school, and work at Morgan Keegan. It's weird how those little things that don't make sense in the past sometimes reveal themselves to you in such an obvious way later on.

6. First Evan. Although we're still in the process of finding the right Sunday School class, we have really fallen in love with the contemporay service at First Evan (yes Mark converted me from traditional to contempory). Having Cole as our marriage counselor made us grow even closer to the church because we got to see the kind of man Cole was outside the pulpil, which drew us to the church even more.

7. Yogurt Mountain. It's a new frozen yogurt place on Germantown Pkwy that's self serve. I typically don't like frozen yogurt, but this yogurt is INCREDIBLE. I like it better than even custard or ice cream I've ever had.

The end!

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  1. Love this post and both of you. Re:#3, MC's family is blessed to have you as well. Love you Olivia.