Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Day in Memphis

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting pretty sick and tired of this Memphis weather. One day it's 40 degrees, the next it's 60 degrees. This is not cool. Mark and I have been coughing like crazy and my sinuses are apparently really mad at me. I'm ready for it to be cold and wintery. I must say that I am really excited to come home from work today because I am making some White Bean Chili in the slow cooker and the apartment is going to smell so warm and comforting. I think the biggest reason I love slow cookers (or crockpots...don't know why that have 2 names) is how the make your house smell soooo good.

Who all has finished their Christmas shopping yet?? I have a few more presents to make and then wrap, but the majority of it is done! This is the first year that  I haven't waited til the week of Christmas to do all my shopping. Mark and I have all our stockings up on the fireplace (yes we have stockings for the kitties..don't judge us haha), so we're buying each other some little stocking stuffers so we have something to give each other on Christmas. Hopefully soon we'll go look for our bikes that we're getting each other for Christmas...I  can't wait to ride them on the Greenline!

I hope everyone stays warm (while it's cold at least). Bring out the slow cooker and make some soup today. :)

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