Monday, December 13, 2010


This is what I need in my life right now. Cupcakes! This past weekend  I bit the dust and went to Muddys (I interviewed for them for awhile and they never hired me...I was bitter) and I have to admit that the cupcake I got was delicious. It was a chocolate cupcake with peppermint icing. :) I also learned that my husband apparently loves Molassas cookies, so of course I had to try and make him some. Coming from a person that doesn't like molassas at all, the cookies were surprisingly delicious--very spicy and not too sweet. Now I am craving another cupcake, but I'm not going to let myself get another one. :(

This morning I awoke to the strange feeling that something or someone was really close to me. I look over and Mark is in the bathroom, and then I realize that Clove is sleeping on the top of my pillow. :) People say that your animals take on the personality of the parents, and I think we are subconsciously training our little kitten to be a snuggler. On a different note, yesterday I was changing the sheets on the bed...clean, white sheets. Then all of the sudden Cinnamon jumps on the bed, throws up, and jumps off. Needless to say, my sheets are ruined. That pretty much summed up my Sunday afternoon. I also had to go out to the Wolfchase mall to pick up a few things, and it just reminded me how much I HATE it. People are rude and it is just way too crowded. I get anxiety just thinking about it. Then I headed over to Michaels and waited in line for 15 minutes, with only 2 people in front of me. Note to self:

This past Saturday Mark and I went to the refugee center/apartment to help paint and clean up. I forgot how cathartic painting can be. There is just something so refreshing about seeing a dirty wall become pretty and clean again. Mark and I spent some good quality time painting the base boards and the door trims. :) This was all after I realized that I was too short to paint the ceilings...and dropped paint on the floor (thankfully it's being carpeted).

I got a recipe from for a sweet potato risotto. It sounded good, and after making it, I realized that I love risotto...just not with sweet potatoes. Sad. :( It's ok, I baked my favorite bread the next day to make up for it: Pomegranate Pistchio Bread. It's the best breakfast food because it has mashed bananas in it so it's really filling, meaning you only need a little slice to fill you up. :)

Mark and I are headed to the Singing Christmas Tree tonight with some of the family. I've heard mixed reviews, so I'm curious to see it as an outside observer. I'm so used to being in performance that it's still odd to watch. But don't worry, I have already warned Mark that I will be singing along with all the songs.


  1. Glad you decided to give Muddy's a try. The cupcake you tried is my favorite. Their cookies are great too. FYI: If you ever make it to the Mennonite bakery in Whiteville, they have excellent molasses cookies...ask MC about them.
    Thanks for the update. Good to see you yesterday.

  2. Christmas update?