Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm on a strike against blog titles today. I just cannot think of one, probably because it's 3:30 and it's been a long and busy day at work. I did paint our hallway this weekend! I have pictures on my phone but for some reason they won't send to my work email. :( It looks great, but now our bathroom looks nasty compared to the freshly painted hallway. Insert project for this weekend.

I know it's early and all, but I do love Valentines day. I know I know, it's a made up holiday used to make money and we should treat every day like Valentines day. Here's my thing though--I'm not going to turn down a chance for some flowers and a nice dinner. Aboslutely not. Plus, call me crazy but I kind of enjoy being out with other couples on Valentine's Day. It's a little like going shopping on Black Friday. If I go it's more to enjoy being out really early w/ a bunch of other crazy shoppers. Either way...

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