Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tidbits from the week

I've almost eaten an entire cantaloupe this week. By myself. Mark isn't a fan of it hence the pressure to eat it all, but let's just be honest--there's no real pressure. I adore cantloupe so part of me is glad he doesn't like it. At least it's good for you right? Maybe it can counteract that chocolate cake I had on Valentines Day. :)

You want to hear a lesson I learned this week? When it's 12:30 and you're tired and little chilly, don't reheat your coffee from the morning. As good as it sounds, just don't do it. Stomach ache.

The decision of what color to paint our hallway bathroom is beginning to consume me in an unhealthy way. Ok not really...but I cannot decide (big shock right?). I better decide soon since I'm going to prime the walls on Friday. :/

Discovered cuticle oil. Amazing. Enough said.

Enjoyed a work phone call that was so ridiculous you have to laugh instead of get mad.

Looking forward to a long weekend thanks to Presidents Day.

I'm making myself start the process of buying a few Christmas a month this year so I don't get stressed out in December. I've made our presents in the past but this year I want to buy them if I plan it right. Let's see if I stick to this decision.

Last but not least: how is it already Thursday? For reals.

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