Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food staples

I'm going to go ahead and say that this is an incredibly random post. This morning when I was making my lunch to take to work I began thinking about certain food items that we continually have in our refrigerator and pantry. These are the items that no matter how low on food we are, if we're out of these items then we need to go get them. Then I started wondering what food staples everyone else had. Is that strange? I just think that someone's pantry and refrigerator say so much about them (good or bad). So if you're an oddball like me, either comment below or write a post about your food staples.
1. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt (Chobani or Fage). I buy this yogurt in the biggest container possible. I love having it for breakfast w/ some berries, a little granola, and honey. I also substitute it in recipes calling for mayo or sour cream. You can easily replace it and it tastes so much better and healthier (plus added protein).

2. Apples. I eat them for a snack constantly with some natural peanut butter or almond butter.

3. Pita Chips. I for some reason cannot eat regular tortilla chips because they make me really sick. It's actually really horrible b/c whenever we eat at at Mexican restaurant I can't eat the dip or salse :(. If we are eating any sort of dip at home though, I always use Stacy's pita chips. Love.

4. Uncle Ben's ready Steamed Rice. You just tear a little hole in the package and microwave it for 90 seconds. Our favorites are wild rice and brown rice. It's really great when you're making a burrito and don't want to spend forever cooking rice.

5. Flavored creamers. I know they aren't good for you and I'm sure they're full of fat and processed junk, but I don't even care. I love flavored creamers. I've used them ever since I starting drinking coffee. In fact, I can
remember my mom and I have coffee around 3 every afternoon and we always loved trying differnet flavors.

6. Chocolate chips. I buy the big bag from Costco of Nestle's chocolate chips. I can't live without them.

7. Laughing Cow Cheese. The Creamy Swiss is my favorite, but I love to put them on crackers or my sandwiches.

8. Zucchini/Squash. We always have either one of theses in our refrigerator. We love to just saute them in some olive oil or grapeseed oil and add some garlic and seasonings.

9. Honey. I go through jars of honey like crazy. Like I mentioned earlier, I use it w/ my yogurt a lot. Whenever I make oatmeal (I just really hate instant/Quacker's just too sweet for me so I use regular old fashioned oats) I sweeten it with honey).

10. Canned tomatoes. We make our own tomato sauce b/c it's easier, cheaper, and you can flavor it however you like (plus you can pretty much control your sodium and sugar). We buy canned tomatoes in bulk at Costco and make a big batch of sauce. We'll just put it all in jars and freeze it until we use it.

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  1. We do more quinoa than rice. We both hate the flavored creamers but i always have half and half on hand. Yogurt is a must for us as well except i try to buy the whole milk kind or the 2% greek. I think fat can be good in the diet .it is near impossible to find the fat kind at target. We like the 365 brand at whole foods best. Target has great prices on chobani tho. We also cant live without the instant plain oats. We buy the giant container at kroger. I love groceries.