Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

You know those weekends that make you more tired on Monday morning than you were on Friday afternoon? It could be that I haven't had any coffee yet, but I am barely making it this morning. :/

Here's a little recap of our weekend. Mark and I had plans to cook dinner for two of our friends Friday night, but Mark went into work that morning not realizing that he was supposed to close. Needless to say, we had to reschedule for the next day. I can't say I did much on Friday night--I contemplated doing laundry, but that never happened. Mario Wii pretty much occupied my time and I was just fine with that.

The next morning I woke up way too early (8:30...yes it's too early for Saturday) to go to the gym. The beach is coming soon, so unfortunately my visits to the gym need to start increasing. :) I then met up with my friends Kacie and Anna to make a visit to some friends in Jackson, TN. It was so great to catch up with old friends. :) I got home around 4 and since our friends were coming over at 7:30, I felt the urge to make cupcakes! I tried taking pictures of them b/c they were actually pretty, but the camera wasn't working. I made chocolate cupcakes with two different icings. On half I made a pomagranate icing topped with a little chocolate covered pomagranate. The other was a vanilla bean sea salt with caramel. I decided to make little mini cupcakes in addition to the regular sized ones. They were amazing! I might've made Mark take them to work with him though...stupid beach.

Sunday morning rolled around and I was so tired from the late night before I couldn't get up in time for church. :/ It didn't help that as soon as I get up and looked at our apartment it was so dirty and cluttered I couldn't stand it. It took me an hour just to clean the kitchen. Sunday afternoon was a whirlwind of errands. Our beloved fish Sparticus died (I won't lie, I cried and I'm not ashamed). We went to Petco to get a new fish. Welcome Maximus to the Hackett household. The kitties were clearly very excited about the new fish. :)

Mark and I went from Target, to Costco, to Kroger, to Petco, and finally home. Such a long weekend. I need a nap. :) I think the cats had more fun with the box from Costco than they've ever had in their whole lives.

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