Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back Home

I've realized something: Mark and I are not picture people. We hardly have any pictures of us since our wedding which was over a year ago. :/ This isn't good. I really need to start taking more pictures to re-fill some picture frames. I also need someone to hold me accountable to this please. :)

We spent the last weekend in Knoxville for a nice little mini vacation. The weather was absolutely wonderful and cool. We spent the majority of our time walking around downtown, exploring a few shops in Turkey Creek Mall, eating delicious food, and sleeping in til 9am. It was definitely nice to take a little break from my half marathon training considering I was battling a week long cold which is now gone thanks to some rest. We happily discovered that Knoxville has a World Market (there might have been 2 trips there in 2 days). We love are obsessed with World Market a little too much perhaps, but we're still bitter that the one in Memphis closed and was replaced by that stupid Halloween store.

This week will be spent catching up on things and getting back into the routine, but sometimes going back to a routine after a little vacation can be nice. I'm happy to report that our apartment is clean, the laundry is finally done, the kitties are happy, Mark is back at school, and I am back to training. Whenever we come back to our apartment after being gone it never smells familiar to me. For this reason, I made some slow cooker Taco soup (I found the recipe on Pinterest) and it is sooo good. I think it's actually a Weight Watcher recipe, but who cares because nothing beats coming home to the smell of soup.

We procrastinated waited til October to start looking for a rental house. Our lease is up in February which means  we will be putting in our 60 day notice in December. I'm expecting a call today about some potential houses so I will definitely keep you guys posted. Although we do love our apartment complex, the rent is a little high and it would be nice to be in a house for sure.

I would've posted some pictures from our trip, but you can revert back to paragraph one to see why that's obviously not going to happen.

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