Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend update

I must say that this weekend was really productive AND I even took a few pictures to document.This weekend included a DIY project on Friday night, an 8 mile run on Saturday, and some packing on Sunday.

 I saw a watercolor painting on a decorating blog the other day and knew that I needed it in our new kitchen. So last night I pulled out my painting oils and went to town. I think it turned out pretty well! I'm going to put it in either a black or silver frame, but I think it'll look great in our kitchen--plus it was free art. :)

I also took some really old and cheap wood frames that we had and decided that they needed to be painted white. So Friday night we went to Michaels, picked up some and paper and acryllic paint and there you go. I wish I had taken picures of the frames with the pictures inside, but I did not. Sorry :/

   Saturday morning I laced up my running shoes and went to Shelby Farms for an 8 mile run. Last Saturday's 7 miles were ran with Merri who helped me finish so I was really skeptical about whether or not I could run 8 miles alone. Part of me just wanted to run it out on the treadmill because it didn't sound too intimidating, but alas I went and I made it! I think I ran just under an 11 minute mile which is slow, but I didn't care because I think the run lasted around 1 hour and 22...26?? minutes. I don't know but it was long.

Sunday was spent taking down pictures and spackling up the holes. We also boxed up some of our study and it looks really sad and bare in there now.


Sunday afternoon I made this new recipe for Lasagna soup. Yes the name definitely sounds weird, but I had to give it a try. It is SO good. I think it tastes much better than lasagna (and better for you with MUCH less cheese and fat). I also replinished our bread. I'll make 2 loaves at a time, freeze one and then we'll eat on the other. I was always intimidated to make my own bread because the whole yeast and rising thing kind of scared me, but the recipe I use is really simple. It has oats, flaxseed, honey, other organic wheat products (I already forgot what they were), and no butter which is awesome.

Today we have our home inspector and termite person come to the house. Thankfully my boss was kind enough to let me off a little early so I can be there with Mark. We're excited! After this we have a few more things to do (home insurance, loan paperwork, break apartment lease), but hopefully we'll be done soon.

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  1. Love the painting and need the soup and bread recipes.
    Love you as well.