Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last night I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking "I don't know what color to paint the fireplace!" I think this is a sign, but I'm choosing to ignore that for now. :)

We have now have 3 viewings tomorrow starting at 5pm so here we go! I'm starting to learn that no matter how perfect and effortless I want the house to be when we buy it, there is going to be something about it that I don't like. From the majority of the houses I've looked at, it looks like the kitchen isn't going to be quite big enough or the bathroom is going to be really outdated. Now I don't mind putting in a little bit of work into a house, but I also know that we don't have the time and resources to spend hours upon hours remodeling a bathroom. These are things I know now.

With that being said, I'm happy to say that I submitted our loan application this morning and am waiting on pins and needles to hear back from the bank. I've always heard that buying a house is a lot of hurry up then wait, and now I understand that a little. The good thing about having already submitted our loan application is that we can telling the listing agent "Hey we're just waiting to hear back from the bank at this point" instead of saying "Yeah...we haven't even started all the loan application stuff yet." Hopefully now we sound like we're more serious which we are.

I may have also created a huge picture folder on my work computer of decoration ideas. I've also been researching how to design smaller spaces so I can be prepared. This more importantly includes how to deal with small closets and pantries. I've got some great tips in my head now thanks to the internet. :)

Oh yes, Clove has a new fascination with our pantry now. I kid you not when I say that he probably spends about 1 hour a day in there playing around or just sitting and staring at stuff. He also likes to sit on the garbage can pretty often. I mean where did we go wrong with this one?

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