Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The dentist

Remember when I told you that we weren't picture people? Here's a prime example for you. Last night I was making a healthier version of Vegetable Low Mein with these really cool Asian low mein noodles that we bought at World Market. As I was making it I thought to myself "Hey, I need to take a picture of this since I never photograph anything." That's pretty much as far as it went because of course right after that I got sidetracked by something seemingly important and forgot to take the picture.

Is this a pointless endeavor?

I make fun of Mark for being slightly A.D.D. at times--specifically when I ask him to help me change the sheets. I promise in the 20ish steps that it takes for him to walk from the den to the bedroom, there are probably around 4 distractions that make it take 10 minutes for him to arrive to his destination. He'll get up and realize he's thirsty, get a drink, walk a few steps and 'oh a kitty!' He'll pet the cat, forget what he was about to do, remember, walk a few steps, the phone goes off....I think you get the picture. :) After yesterday though, I'm starting to think that it's definitely not just him. I make to do lists so I can stay on track becasue I have the memory of an 80 year old, but not even lists help me to remember something 1 minute after I thought about it. Sad I know. I promise I'll try and photograph something one day.

Can we also talk about the dentist for a minute please? On my last visit to the dentist 6 months ago the woman cleaning my teeth kindly (but seriously) told me that I was on the verge of having gengevisitis (no idea how to spell that) and I need to start flossing more because my gums were bleeding. I was officially terrified and envisioned rotting teeth, bloody gums, maybe a few falling out--who knows. Gross I know. So what did I do? I started flossing and walked proudly into the dentist office on Monday. As I sat down I smiled, looked at the lady and told her about my new flossing habit. The cleaning was much easier (less scraping...ugh), but then the worst part comes. She finished cleaning my teeth and I'm thinking that I'm safe and about to head out the door, but then the main doctor comes in to check for cavities. Why do I always think the visit ends with the cleaning?? I think I'm safe though--I mean I've been flossing and that helps with pretty much everything in life right?


One of my fillings from years ago is wearing away at the bottom of my tooth and they have to refill a little portion of it...oh but don't worry "because it's not my fault and will only take about 15 minutes." I started envisioning drills, shots, and cool blasts air in my mouth when the words "oh and you'll probably not even need numbing" came out of my doctors mouth.

My reaction "Um...that sounds like it's going to hurt."

So he said he could give me some laughing gas, but I told him I would need everything pain numbing device that he had. Then as I was making my appointment for this visit, the receptionist looked annoyed that I had to make it their last appointment because I had to work.

I'm sorry receptionist that I'm inconvencing you so think I'm excited about this as much as you are?  Tell you what, I can sit at your chair and make appointments for you while you have your tooth drilled into. Let's get things to perspective shall we?

Ugh...and people ask why I hate the dentist.

Sorry about that rant. The point of the story is: flossing only leads to more problems in life kids.

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