Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3

Here's a little updated on the progres that we've made.

We have officially narrowed down the area that ideally we would like to start looking. I have a few houses listed in that potential area and there is one in particular that we (mainly I) have my hopes set on. It would be right around the corner from my brother and  sister in law too! I have already scheduled a viewing for this weekend so we'll see how it goes. I knew this morning that I needed to stop looking at the pictures online of the house repeatedly because it would just aid in getting my hopes up so I decided to look for a few other properties around the area as well. We'll probably be looking at those houses pretty soon as well just so we can have a fresh memory to compare and contrast the differences.

We are just a few simple clicks away from submitting our loan application to the bank. Almost everything is filled out so we'll be submitting that shortly to be pre-approved. We also both checked our credit scores as well since we both had never done so before.

So considering we were just starting this whole process on Sunday, I would like to think that we've made good progress.

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