Friday, October 21, 2011

Never go to the grocery before dinner

In our attempts to save money for the upcoming housing expenses, we've been on a spending freeze. The rule I've made is "Thou shalt not spend money...unless for bills or we need gas in the car." Unfortunately this means that we've been skimping on going to the grocery as much and have been eating up the majority of the food in our fridge and pantry.

Fast forward to last night. It wasn't pretty. After rushing home from work, running 4 miles and taking a quick shower, we finally made it to the grocery. I knew this was a bad idea because I was already cranky and hungry, but it needed to be done. Around 40 minutes later we have the very random necessary items such as: wanton wrappers, cherry coke zero, soy veggie lunch meat (I'm not hating on it yet...I have a sandwich w/ it for lunch today so we'll see), french style green beans, lowfat chocolate milk, and frozen ravioli. Ok so maybe these aren't the oddest food purchases, but they're definitely not the usual items we pick up. I suppose it's better than picking up a bunch a junk food or chocolate (though I might have made a dessert last night anyways..oops).

In other news, I really need to stop looking a design blogs--they're filling me with tons of expensive ideas for the house. I think I need to start looking at more DIY projects instead maybe? Well tomorrow consists of running 8 miles (UGH) and packing up more of our study. I really wanted to post a picture of the house on here but since we haven't closed on it yet I didn't think it was fair. If I was selling a house and the buyer posted a picture of my house I probably wouldn't be too thrilled since I still technically owned it. But don't you guys worry, I'll be posting pictures of the house tranformation when we start painting and stuff. I've already started packing some and the kitties were really really really excited about these boxes.

Oh and here's a picure of the new hair!

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