Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a mess. It was both productive and tiring. Friday night was spent going to Sports Authority to find a lightweight running jacket for me using the $10 off coupon I got at the Chikfila 5k.

Women's UA Escape Lightweight 1/4 Zip

It's the Under Armor Escape Lightweight 1/4 zip. It was a little pricey, but it was definitely worth it. Then there was a run to the pet store and Target where we stocked up on a little bit of Halloween candy. Since we're still in the apartment complex we only get a few trick or treaters, but don't you worry--the extra Halloween candy will not be wasted. :) Then we made pizzas using some leftover pita bread bought from Costco. Delicious.

So everything was going great until I woke up on Saturday. I go to feed the fish to find that one of its eyes was bulging out (it's gross). I freaked out and immediately googled it to see what was wrong. Apparently it is this illness called "Popeye" caused by a bacterial infection. I feel really bad and have no idea how this happened, but knew that when I got back from my run that I'd take care of it. So then I go to Shelby Farms and lock myself out of my car. I wait for my dad to show up and he thankfully did. I was so annoyed at this point that I didn't run at all b/c I had to go by the bank and then get ready for my niece's birthday party. I stop by the petstore to find something for the fish and finally make it back home. The birthday went very well--she got a ton of really adorable little presents. Mark then sent me a text message saying that his throat was hurting really badly so that's another sickling in the Hackett household. :/ That night I made some chicken pot pie from this new recipe I found on the internet. It was SO good!

Not much important happened on Sunday. I did finally get my 9 mile run in and was pretty sore all day. Clove got really tired around 8 and decided to hug the chair as he fell asleep. Pretty cute right?

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