Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Preview

I'm amazed at how diligent I've been with updated this blog. I think I deserve a little bit of praise for this. :) Last night was spent running 5 miles while Mark so sweetly went to the grocery to pick up a few items we needed. I prepared some lamb stew the night before in the crockpot so when I came in the door it smelled sooo good. And yes, you heard it right--lamb stew. The recipe calls for beef, but we purchased a big portion of lamb at Fresh Market awhile ago and froze a bunch of it. Plus, even though I'm a peskatarian, I do occassionally enjoy lamb. It's awful I know! Little lambs are the cutest animals too :(. But it really is the only meat that I'll ever rarely want to eat a little bit of. It's weird I know, but oh well.

This weather is making me really excited. :) We lit a fire while eating dinner and watching HGTV. There might have been a little trip to Rite Aid later due to some unpleasant side effect of an ill-fitting and too big sports bra (we'll just leave it at that). I did, however, get a Rite Aid's card (kind of like a Kroger card) so I mean that trip was definitely worth it right? :)

Today I'll be buying a little gift for my precious niece because her birthday is tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I have been dreading this 9 mile run ALL week. I literally have no running clothes to wear out in the colder weather so a little trip to Sports Authority might need to happen tonight. Saturday will also probably be spent doing some more packing and probably some sort of DIY project I'll decide I want to do.

On a random note, I told Mark I needed some sort of almond butter to take to work since I eat them with apples almost every day. Look what he bought me! Isn't it beautiful? Almond butter=LOVE

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