Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday I got a bit overwhelmed with house hunting. This morning people at work freaked me out about mortgages being way higher than they actually would be. Then I was told that I had to use a realtor to find a house.

Then I realized that people aren't always right about everything.

Are we going to use a realtor to find a house? Absolutely not. I am perfectly capable of finding a house without any help from a realtor. We will of course need the aid of the seller's realtor once we purchase the house, but we won't be hiring someone to find a house for us. Also, thanks to my sister I discovered a mortgage calculator. It calculates taxes, interest rate, annual insurance, and the down payment and then boom! There's your mortgage.

With that being said, I feel much better now. I feel like we can actually afford a house and can pay less than what we will be paying for at our apartment complex right now. All this house hunting terrority is completley new and foreign to me so I am slowly starting to learn how things work.

We drove around a few neighborhoods last night and I learned that how houses look in pictures versus what they look like in real can be completely different. I've learned that we will have to pay County and City taxes (gross). But I have finished my current list of house options, price listed, and mortgage calculated all on my little notebook.

Now it's a matter of spending a little lesser on a house and using some of the money saved to renovate or to spend a little more and have less renovations. What to do? Also, I called the bank today and spoke with their mortgage loan advisor and he already emailed me the link to apply for a loan online.

Progress is being made.

I'm tired.

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  1. We did the house hunting ourselves, too. that's the beauty of the digital age. The realtor was for all the red tape. Well, and as it turned out, our realtor suggested we look at a house we hadn't put in our search. And that ended up being the one we bought. I love Crye-leike's website (and Hobson's) because they tell you what the taxes will be and you can calculate the mortgage. So helpful! Have fun hunting! Woo hoo!